❝when the wind plays jokes, hold me tight in case I fly away.❞
Remember when…

I like the blonde one. 

I remember that day when I saw their teaser. I just got home from school. Their Warrior teaser was so short but it had a huge impact on me. I knew I was going to like them from there. The day music video was released, THEY LITERALLY BLEW ME AWAY. It was just so different from other groups. A lot of people said BAP changed my life. Welp, same here. I originally made a tumblr because of BAP. Yes, LOL. I also experienced new things because of them. I started reading smuts and yaoi. I never actually bothered staying up to see live stream for a group that I stan but for BAP I did. It’s probably because there was something in BAP that connected me to them. Yongguk, the badass one but he was the first one  that I saw to cry out of 6 of them. Daehyun, the one with the mask and had a mysterious image that drew me into him. Youngjae who I first saw in orange dancing to someone playing that korean tradition drums LOL. Jongup, our forever awkward turtle…. and guppie, I can’t eat cheetos without thinking about your biceps anymore. Junhong, the maknae who made me feel frustrated because he’s so young. And last, Himchan. You damn bastard. You don’t know how much your witty comments and derpy faces can brighten up someone’s day… or at least mine. 

Happy 6 months BAP <3

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